The Budget Bride Unleashed

To kick off AABA Boutique’s, Bridal Beetique release, what better way than to blog about saving our bride's money. From the venue to the wedding cake, many of these elements that go into the perfect day add onto the grand total. As brides, we account for budgeting in places where it matters the most. The bridal attire. This blog has tips where you don’t have to sacrifice getting your dream make-up artist or that dream tiara you would like to sport that day. Or buying that $9.99 wedding veil from party city meant for the bachelorette party to walk down the aisle in. Yeah, that actually happened. Keep reading to find ways to save money on some of the most expensive necessities for your wedding day. 

The first tip is the wedding cake hack. If you are into delicious cupcakes and can sacrifice the fancy fondant cake décor than this tip is for you. Opt. for cupcakes with white icing from places like Sams club. You can get 24 cupcakes for just $13. You can feed 72 people for less than $50. Beats the $700+ tab for a wedding cake. If you want to get fancy, add white coated chocolate beads. You can add it yourself by ordering off of bulk wholesale websites. If you are in a time crunch to add it to your cupcakes, designate your party planners to sprinkle them on top when they pick them up. Top these budget-friendly cupcakes off by investing in really nice cupcake displays. Amazon has amazing prices on them.


I wish I would have thought about this next tip for my wedding. I opted for my bouquet to be picked up by someone other than me. When I received my bouquet, it was a disaster. It looked nothing like the picture as promised. Worst of all the florist wouldn’t even refund the almost $200 I spent on the bouquet. I wanted to cry because I felt like the bouquet was the one thing I counted on to pull my look together. Luckily, my aunt who is amazing at arranging flowers made a quick trip to Publix to save the day. With a few bundles of flowers, she turned this nightmare on elm street bouquet into wedding chic. I say this to say, save money on a fancy florist where you will pay $200 and look for the florist in your family. Every family has someone great with arranging flowers. Ask them to arrange your bouquet with flowers from a farmer’s market or your local grocery store if they have nice flowers to save money. 

Wedding Dress

Tip number three involves the dress. Go to consignment shops or when in doubt shop the clearance rack at bridal boutique stores to score big savings on name-brand dresses. For the biggest savings, if you don’t mind going for a non- traditional look and want a white dress, shop at your more traditional store for your dress. Besides, if an all-white dress isn’t your thing, you have more leverage in finding a great dress without the wedding price tag because the truth is, when a white dress is not involved, the red flag and price gouging the wedding notice entices lowers. This is a great way to find good deals on bridesmaid’s dresses too. 

Next tip for savings is the invitations. Save on your invites by DIY’ing your own from two of my favorite sites, Canva and Zazzle. If you sign up for emails on, you save 20% off of your order. I love these sites because they have really elegant premade templates for wedding invitations. All you have to do is fill in the template with the information. Don’t forget to number your RSVP cards with your list of guests so when you receive them back you will know who is RSVPing. It is a daunting task trying to figure out who’s writing it is on the rsvp card when you cannot read what it says. Trust from the experience of many decipher bride queens and number those babies.

Wedding Venue

The last tip of the day is saving on the venue. The venue next to the wedding dress is the most expensive part of the wedding. There are some nice hidden gems that are practically free and don’t have a 10k price tag attached. Look into public parks. They host weddings all the time in some of the nicest areas of the park. All you need to supply are the chairs, aisle curtain, and an archway. You can customize it to your taste. Most public parks just require a reservation for the date and times you need the space. Some do request an admin fee. I'll gladly pay $250 for a wedding next to or right at a gorgeous waterfall fountain. One other venue tip that costs little money is looking into recreation centers in your county. Most of them are rarely used and look new. Especially if you pick one in a park that is newly built. They have even better prices, if you are a resident of the county. I’ve seen some nice recreation centers rent to the residence of the county for as low as $65 an hour.

I hope these 5 tips have unleashed your budget bride waves and you are on your way to having your dream wedding with mad money to spend on your honeymoon or house. We have time for one more quick tip to close out the article. If you are keen on planning and pulling things together for your wedding day, save money and skip the wedding planner by hiring a day-of planner. They come in and work for your rehearsal and then the wedding. You save a ton of money this way and it puts you in the driver’s seat to build your wedding your way on your own time. Let us know which one of these tips you will be incorporating in the comments below. Just one question though, who pays for the bridesmaid dress, the bride or the bridesmaid?

Bridesmaid Dress

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